Wedding Favor Ideas

Girls have been known to have a folder of unique wedding ideas that they have clipped and collected for years until their big day finally arrives. Some people have a vague idea of what they would like their wedding to be like and leave the nitty gritty to a wedding planner. Others plan out every minute detail themselves and have quite a few wedding favor ideas to choose from well in advance.

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Ideas For Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouqet Design

Bridal bouquets have been around for a very long time. In fact Greek brides in ancient times had bouquets made of herbs that were believed to ward of evil spirits! Since you may be searching for wedding flower ideas and because bridal bouquet design has evolved so much, this article will be dedicated to different bridal bouquets.

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Wedding Slide Show – Some Useful Tips

It is very popular nowadays for couples to prepare a wedding slide show in the reception. In fact this can be very good as an entertainment for the guests. However, it may not be an easy task in order to make a slide show of high quality. You will certainly want to make the slide show special and unique. Besides, there are also some practical considerations. It can be very boring if you are going to just make a “slide show”. Your guests may not be really interested in the photos in your childhood.

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