Wedding Favor Ideas

Girls have been known to have a folder of unique wedding ideas that they have clipped and collected for years until their big day finally arrives. Some people have a vague idea of what they would like their wedding to be like and leave the nitty gritty to a wedding planner. Others plan out every minute detail themselves and have quite a few wedding favor ideas to choose from well in advance.

Regardless of which category you fall in, ideas for wedding favors can range from the tacky to the treasured. Contrary to what you might think, it is not just how big a budget you have that determines how good your wedding favor idea will be. A little homework, a little patience and a lot of creativity (original or borrowed) are the ingredients in the recipe to a great wedding favor idea.

Tacky Favors

Extremely lovey-dovey wedding favors are not a good idea as what you feel for your spouse (right now) may not really interest 200 people a few weeks later. Leave all the mushy sentimental poems and love songs for your own exchange; give people something they would like.

People spend money to attend a wedding and while they are not in it to make money, they would at least like to leave with a small trinket of the wedding that looks like it has thought put in to it; not just a crate full of standardized mint tins that they could have bought from the gas station on the way back home. Do not make yourself look cheap by making your guests feel uncared for. Just like you take pains in seeing to the dress, the d├ęcor and the food, look through several wedding favor ideas online an in bridal magazines and something just might click.

Classic yet Predictable Favors

The candied almonds wrapped in net, the personalized Hershey’s kiss and the monogrammed candles are all sweet ideas, but if anyone has ever been to a wedding before yours, they have seen them all. However, you do not need to go over budget to come up with a good wedding favor idea. Take the classic and put a twist on it.

Instead of the famous Hershey’s kiss, opt for personalized M&M’s in the color of your wedding; they even put your name and wedding date on the candy. Instead of the monogrammed candle, add a candle holder so that even after your candle burns out, your guests can make use of it.

Another way you can make your wedding favor idea have a longer shelf life is not to include anything perishable or consumable. If you really want your guests to be able to keep the favor, opt for non-perishable items such as pens and frames as opposed to flowers and sweets.

Themed Favors

The best wedding favor idea is to tie it to the theme of your wedding. If you got married on the beach, consider a pair of flip fop fridge magnets or palm tree salt and pepper shakers. The wedding favor ideas do not have to scream wedding and they do not have to be white, silver or pastel. They have to be something that looks interesting and people can keep for a while.

So while a flip flop magnet may not say Amanda Weds Jason, it is something your guests can look at everyday and think about you if you are close to them. If you are not that close to begin with, any favor will any ways be handed to the kids as a Happy Meal toy when they are picked up from the sitters!

Ideas For Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouqet Design

Bridal bouquets have been around for a very long time. In fact Greek brides in ancient times had bouquets made of herbs that were believed to ward of evil spirits! Since you may be searching for wedding flower ideas and because bridal bouquet design has evolved so much, this article will be dedicated to different bridal bouquets.

Designs have become bolder and more individual which is a great thing. You can leave your mark on your bridal bouquet as well and have something that truly reflects who you are. More and more interesting materials are being used in bridal bouquets and it gives the designer a lot more to work with besides various flowers.

Although you can have a bridal bouquet in any style, color and design you like, this is not something you can pass over. Here are some wedding flower ideas and in particular ideas for the bridal bouquet:

1. There are many ways to personalize your bouquet like adding a monogram to it. You can for instance have the groom’s first letter of his last name (or both the bride and groom’s) printed on the ribbon that will be used for the bouquet. Another way to include monograms is to use piping or wiring shaped in the relevant letter and inserted in the bouquet among the flowers.

2. Lately bridal bouquets have become more bold in color and design and it does not have to be white, cream or pastel anymore. Purple and hot pink, a mix of citrus colors or orange and red. Or you can just have a monochromatic theme and use just one favorite color. This is a fun touch to any wedding and the bouquet really pops against the dress!

3. A very practical (but beautiful) solution to keeping cost down in these hard economic times is to make use of a “breakaway bouquet”. Although this appears to be one big bouquet, it is actually two or three in one which can be taken apart easily and be used separately for the tossing bouquet and to give to the matron of honor or other honored person or persons. The bride may also want to keep one for herself.

4. If you really want to go with something different, you must think texture. And not just in the flowers but using different materials to add texture to the bouquet. This adds a three dimensional feel which is very unique.

When you decide which flowers are abundant at the time of your wedding, select ones that have different textures to use together like hydrangeas and calla lilies or star gazers and roses. Then maybe add some special elements to enhance the dimensional look. Visit a hobby store and wander the flowers section to get ideas of interesting textures to add.

If you do some research you will find that bridal bouquet design is not as structured and traditional as it was before. This is very exciting – for you and for the quests. This is your wedding after all and you do not want to look the same as everyone else do you?

Wedding Slide Show – Some Useful Tips

It is very popular nowadays for couples to prepare a wedding slide show in the reception. In fact this can be very good as an entertainment for the guests. However, it may not be an easy task in order to make a slide show of high quality. You will certainly want to make the slide show special and unique. Besides, there are also some practical considerations. It can be very boring if you are going to just make a “slide show”. Your guests may not be really interested in the photos in your childhood.

The wedding slide show is indeed meant to be sharing your memories. In order to make it special and unique, you have to select the photos with the greatest care. The sequence of showing the photos is also an essential element.

As discussed above, most couples will put the photos in their childhood into the slide show. If this is the case, you can consider showing the photos in time sequence. You will firstly show the photos of the childhood. And then photos of both of you and your spouse after you got together. Lastly, if you have taken pre-wedding photos, you can use them to make a perfect ending of the slide show.

In fact a slide show can be more than just showing the photos. The sound effect can be a vital part in order to make the slide show a successful one. If it is possible, the best way will be that you and your spouse make a voice over for the slide show. In this case both of you will explain every story behind the photos. This will certainly make the show more interesting. It can also be very romantic if you can tell all the guests how you got together.

However, if you and your spouse are not individuals who can deliver speeches well, you can have a friend or relative to make the voice over for you. If your parents feel interested, it will be even more interesting if they can do the voice over. Of course it will be more perfect if both of you and your parents are going to do the voice over together. It can be certain that it will make the wedding more memorable to you and your parents, and also the guests.

If you would like to make the slide show like a narrative, you can try to make it like a fairy tale. For example, you can imagine that you are a couple in your seventies and you start recall all the good memories, the childhood, how you met till the wedding. In fact, a famous Japanese singer adopted this method of telling story in his concert a few years ago.

The above idea is undoubtedly an interesting one. However, more coordination between you and the vendor for your slide show will be needed. You may need to take a video before the wedding, in order to get the footage when you are a pair of old couple. It is important to explain your idea and concept clearly to the vendor. Otherwise it will only ruin all your planning and ideas.